About Us


Welcome to all our customers from around the United Kingdom, Europe and the World. We hope you enjoy the experience of browsing through our new and updated website.

Our new 2023 website has been developed with the modeller in mind as we now show stock figures to allow ordering in confidence. There maybe some fine tuning required but rest assured we are working on improving the website every day.


Euromodels was set up as primarily a wholesaling company back in the mid 1970’s by Dennis Horne. Back then every town and city in the country had at least one model shop some many more.

My Father Dennis Horne reacted to the need for a wholesaling company that would deal with period model boats and all the fittings and materials that would be required to build them. Up until this time the larger wholesalers in the UK would hold a few kits from a manufacturer but never the whole range and certainly not the associated fittings and parts required by the boat building customers. Euromodels stock not only the kits but all the fittings parts and materials the boat modeller requires.

As a wholesaling company Euromodels still cater to the model shop traders left on the high street but due to changing buying habits there are fewer and fewer shops now left in our town and cities. Due to these changing buying habits Euromodels still organise and supply model boat products directly from the manufacturers to the high street and online shops that are operating here in the UK.


Euromodels have been and still are the official importer and representatives of Amati based in Torino, Italy. Amati manufacture high quality model boat kits and other quality models and have done so since the end of the nineteenth century.

From the early 2000’s Euromodels embarked on the development and design of a new range of model boat kits together with Amati currently marketed under the ‘Victory Models’ brand name. This range of very high quality model boats are regarded as being the finest available to the model boat builder today and Euromodels are very proud to be associated with them.


The development of our new website has been fuelled by a desire to help the model boat builder obtain exactly what they require quickly and efficiently and at a competitive price. We hope you enjoy the experience of using our new website and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are finding it difficult to find exactly what you are looking for? If we can help you rest assured we will.