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New Releases

Welcome to the 'Euromodels' online shop. This is the home of all things that are model boat related. Everything you need on one web site. Enjoy your visit.

URGENT MESSAGE: PayPal problem has now been resolved. Confirmation that payments through PayPal are now back to normal. Apologies to any of our customers that experienced a problem using PayPal as their preferred payment option.

We are pleased to offer some 'Special Deals' please have a look and see if the very kit you promised yourself is currently available at a good and very competitive price?

I am so happy to let you know that our stocks of 'Amati' & 'Victory Models' kits also tools are back to normal levels. Why not have a look at the new 'Bismarck' kit by 'Amati' now available to order. This wonderful new kit is at 1:200 scale and is without a doubt the most detailed kit available to date.

An apology to any of our customers that experienced a delay in receiving their orders during January/early February. We had a lot of staff absence due to COVID-19. All this behind us now and shipments are back to normal.

We ship 'Worldwide' and can help with the very best kits by 'Amati' and 'Victory Models'. In addition we are able to supply quality model boat fittings and building materials including the finest modelling wood to complete your current project. Don't forget that Amati have some really interesting products that are not maritime based. Have a look in the 'Non Boat' section you may be pleasantly surprised?

We are aware that some retail shops have disappeared from the high street and finding what you need to support your hobby is getting more and more difficult. Please use our web site to find exactly what you need to get your modelling projects completed. Delivery is made by 'Royal Mail' and 'DHL' now new stocks have recently arrived we are able to supply your requirements efficiently.

Please visit our web site on a regular basis as we often post 'Special Deal' prices for kits and tools. These deals are for a limited time so please don't hesitate!! If you see the very product you have promised yourself at a competitive price? Grab it while you can.

During your current building project we are sure you have worked out a clever way of solving a problem or simply just thought about something you would like to share with the wider boat building community?? Well now you can share your clever advice, tips and product experience upon our new forum. It's early days yet but without your input the forum will never grow. Simply click upon the link and set yourself up and get posting. There are lot's of builders out there that would love to hear from you.

There are other 'NEW ITEMS' from both Amati & Corel. Not everything is boat related such as the Orient Express Sleeping Coach. Please have a good look and see just how good these new model kits really are.

Dust off the tools and get back to what really makes you happy. Take some time looking through our web site for a new modelling project. There are plenty of high quality kits to choose from all at competitive prices.

Now's the time to finish off your existing project and browse our web pages for your next one. We send kits and fittings plus modelling materials Worldwide all at competitive rates, choose your next challenge now we know you won't be disappointed.

If you are a customer in mainland Europe? Since the UK left the EU a few shipments experienced customs delays but it now seems that these problems are behind us and all shipments are arriving smoothly and quickly. It seems that the early technical issues and delays have now been resolved.

A new feature of the web site is now up and running. Click upon the Amati logo to the left of the 'Home Page' and you will immediately have access to the latest new product information, tutorials and blogs. We are hoping that this new feature will help our customers to make informed decisions prior to purchasing new products and also help to resolve any technical building problems they may be experiencing.

The 'HMS Fly Upgrade Set' is available from Amati, these upgrade sets will allow you to bring your HMS Fly up to a higher build standard. 'The HMS Fly Upgrade Set' can be ordered online and are in stock now!!

There are some truly excellent deals to be had on various products from Amati, Victory Models and Corel. Why not take advantage of lower prices now?

Please feel free to contact us with helpful comments regarding any area of our web site that you feel can be improved. All of us at Euromodels hope that you will now find the experience of using our web site a more pleasurable one.

New kits, tools, modelling accessories and boat fittings can be found here. In fact all you will need to support your hobby in one place.

For details concerning ordering information, quotations, payment and prices please see our 'Terms & Conditions' section.

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