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Euromodels Special Rigging Tool
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Special Rigging Tool
  £5.55  (€6.22)  ($6.77) 

These ideal tools ensure perfect rigging on all ship models and help while glue is setting. Special handle for a firm grip.
Length 21cm
Stock code: A7375/23


Euromodels Anvil
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  £22.18  (€24.84)  ($27.06) 

Nickel coated horn anvil, ideal for working with small photo-etched parts.
Stock code: A7376


Euromodels Waterline Marker
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Waterline Marker
  £13.98  (€15.66)  ($17.05) 

Ideal for marking the waterline on boat hulls.
Stock code: A7378


Euromodels Loom-a-Line
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  £10.25  (€11.48)  ($12.50) 

Shroud jig. This tool allows the modeller to make shrouds off the model.
Stock code: A7380


Euromodels Plank Bender
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Plank Bender
  £11.98  (€13.42)  ($14.61) 

Nipper type. This tool helps the modeller in the bending of planks when planking the hull of a model boat.
Stock code: A7381


Euromodels Blade
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  £0.66  (€0.74)  ($0.80) 

Special blades for 7381 plank nipper.

Sold per blade.
Stock code: A7381/04


Euromodels Keel Klamp
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Keel Klamp
  £59.23  (€66.34)  ($72.26) 

Building cradle. This tool is a special boat building cradle, designed to be fully adjustable. Will turn through 360 degrees.
Stock code: A7382


Euromodels Knife set
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Knife set
  £19.29  (€21.60)  ($23.53) 

Action Knife set, complete. This special set includes pin vice, collets and blades.
Stock code: A7383/20


Euromodels Pin Pusher
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Pin Pusher
  £10.98  (€12.30)  ($13.39) 

This tool is used for pinning planks during hull building.
Stock code: A7384


Euromodels Replacement Tube for Pin Pusher
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Replacement Tube for Pin Pusher
  £1.16  (€1.30)  ($1.41) 

Replacement Tube for Pin Pusher (EA7384).
Stock code: A7384/02


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